Janrain Engage Module RC1: Rules integration for sharing any Drupal event with 18 social networks!

Social sharing widget

As part of the recent release RC1 release of the Janrain Engage module for Drupal 7, I thought I'd do a series of blog posts highlighting some of the amazing new features.  Did someone say Rules integration for social sharing?

For those who have been following the Janrain Engage module's development, you already know that the module helps Drupal sites authenticate new and existing users with 18 social networks and service providers, including Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo!, LinkedIn, Myspace, and AOL.  You may also know that the module makes it easy to share Drupal nodes and comments with these networks via Janrain Engage's social sharing widget.
But thanks to our newly expanded Rules integration and the new "Launch social sharing widget" Rules action, your users can now share not only nodes and comments, but also any Rules event with their extended social network.  
So did a user just get bumped up to a new Drupal role?  Let them share it with the world!  Or did a user just make a new friend via the User Relationships module?  They can share that, too.  The possibilities for social sharing (and generating new traffic to your Drupal site) are endless!
To see this in action, let's say that we want our users to share the fact that they just earned points on our Drupal site (using the excellent Userpoints module).  To do this, we simply add a new rule on the "User was awarded points" event supplied by Userpoints.  
We then create a "Launch social sharing widget" Rules action on this event, which results in the following action configuration screen:
Rules configuration (top).
Rules configuration (bottom).
As you can see, the "Launch social sharing widget" action allows for full customization of the social sharing widget text, including modifying the default comment that will be displayed as the user's Twitter tweet or Facebook wall post.  This includes full support for all available tokens.  The result is that when a user earns points on your site, the Janrain Engage social sharing widget is automatically launched and looks like this:
Social sharing widget
And once the user clicks the widget's "Publish" button, here is the result, for example, on the user's Facebook or Twitter page:
Facebook wall post
Twitter tweet
Better yet, all of this was configured from the site builder's user interface in under 5 minutes without a single line of code!
I'll be focusing on other exciting features in subsequent blog posts, but if you're excited to try this out right away, please visit the Janrain Engage project page and take out our RC1 release for a spin.
Janrain Engage project page:  http://drupal.org/project/rpx
Release Candidate 1 download page:  http://drupal.org/node/1103468


Oooh, very cool, Ben. Thanks for blogging about it - would be great to tie this into the "Customer completes checkout" event in Drupal Commerce. : )

Thank you for an interesting write-up. RPX is a promising project. Importantly, it adds social sharing features to the current Drupal comments system, which is, alas, not perfect in itself. It would really be cool to make Drupal comments more like Disqus or whatever they have on Huffington Post. I am battling hard to do something with AJAX comments to port some of its functionality to D7, but it's difficult for me, since I am new to module development. It would be great if someone knowledgeable in D7 AJAX API looked at the module - http://drupal.org/project/ajax_comments.

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