Drupal Start-Up Company Wins Global Entrepreneurship Contest

Scholaroo founder Ben Kaplan and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

We've got some big news:  My Drupal-based start-up company, Scholaroo, was selected as a winner in the Start-Up Chile global entrepreneurship competition.  And because our site and service is built entirely in Drupal 7 (we're a global scholarship search platform), it's another big win for the entire Drupal community!

As a Start-Up Chile winner, we've received $40,000 in equity-free seed funding, free office space in Santiago (Chile), and an amazing network of mentors, advisers, and speakers.  (Yes, at a Start-Up Chile event last week I chatted with Apple co-founder Steve "Woz" Wozniak and he even signed my iPhone in gold ink!  See the photo above.)

The most exciting part of the program has been the chance to work side by side with tech entrepreneurs from 40+ countries around the world.  Hundreds of start-up companies are currently gathered here in Santiago and I've been busy evangelizing the virtues of Drupal to other entrepreneurs (and have even had a few converts already).

In addition to working hard on Scholaroo, we've also been busy trying to strengthen the Drupal community here in Santiago and throughout Chile.  First, we're organizing the first ever Drupal Chile Meet-Up and using it as a launch pad for regular meetings and social events.  

Also, we've launched a special internship program that targets Drupal developers and have been actively speaking about technology and Drupal at many of the top universities in Chile.  Looking for a job?  We have several job openings as well for experienced Drupal developers.

So if you happen to be travelling to Santiago, please don't hesitate to drop by and say hello.  And if you have any developer friends in the area, we'd love it if you put them in contact with us.

Viva Chile!  Viva Drupal!

--Ben Kaplan



Way to go, Ben!

Hello, Ben,

Great news, and I'm really glad to hear about your success.

I look forward to hearing more as things progress.

I love the success you're having with Scholaroo and with Drupal. I wish you all the best, Ben, but you already knew that. : )

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